Dual Composter

Answers to Common Composting Questions

I recently was asked some questions about composting: I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to add pine needles or oak leaves to your compost because they don’t break down quickly. If I chop them up before, can I compost them? Chopping, shredding, or cutting materials that you put in your composter will help them break […]

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Dual Composter

Composters, Grass Balls, and Frogs! Oh My!

I recently was asked the following questions about rotating composters: Hello! I have two of the 80 gallon compost tumblers. These are the best composters ever, and believe you me I have had 4 other composters. These are actually working and one of them is almost ready to use. My question – I have rescued […]

Prepping Starts With… What You Drink?

In our last article we opened the topic “Prepping Starts With” as a way to talk about some commonly overlooked ways to prep. Everyone talks about storing food, water, batteries, flashlights, sleeping bags (, etc.) as ways to prep. Virtually nobody is talking about prepping YOU! Today we’ll talk about something so basic that you’ve […]

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Prepping starts with…

You’d be amazed how many people invest so much time, effort, and money in preparing for some doomsday apocalypse. We’re not saying that this scenario will never happen (though we certainly hope it won’t). Rather, we wonder if it might be wise to consider you as an item to prep. What do we mean by […]

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What Isn’t Prepping?

Yes, you read the title correctly… this isn’t what prepping “is”, this is what prepping “isn’t”. But to be fair, I guess we do have to define what “prepping” is and who are “preppers”. “Preppers” are those who “prep”. That’s easy enough. “Prepping” is simply “preparing”. Preparing for what, you ask? The unexpected, of course! […]

Lawrence Leo Damewood, Sr.

Dedicated to my Dad

My Dad, Lawrence Leo Damewood, Sr., has long been an inspiration in my life. I owe most of my views about nature, and conservation to him. Dad passed away last week at the age of 80 following an illness that limited the time he could spend in his yard and garden. Dad was born during […]

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Call for sponsors!

It’s early 2011 and The Levi House project is in its very early stages. The website just went online and will begin to chronicle our path towards realizing the dream of a low-impact, environmentally friendly, low-power home in which to raise our family and reduce our dependence on external systems. We’d like to incorporate as many “green” concepts and […]