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Are Raised Bed Gardens Suitable for Berries?

The most difficult part of gardening, according to some experts, has to do with your soil. “Natural” soil, the kind found around your house, isn’t very natural at all. Before homes are built, contractors usually come in and scrape off all the tops soil — it’s just going to get wrecked when all the heavy machinery comes […]

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Raised Bed Gardening: Fall Tips

Now that the heat of summer is drawing to a close, cooler weather is on its way. Your summer plants have hopefully given you quite a bit of food, and your beds are starting to die back. Before you clean up your beds and throw your garden waste into your composter, you’ll want to harvest […]

How to Use Compost Tea

What is “compost tea”? There are a few different definitions of compost “tea”. Essentially, “compost tea” is liquid compost. Some people make compost tea by filling a bag (burlap, etc.) with compost, and soaking it it water (just like you’d steep a tea bag in hot water). “Tea” made in this fashion usually isn’t diluted. […]

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First-Look at the New Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler

Any backyard gardener knows the value of fresh, nutrient-rich compost. Using scraps from your own table and trimmings from your yard and garden, then turning them into rich, black compost can return organic material to your soil, retain moisture, and fertilize your yard and garden. Making compost isn’t that hard, but turning it can sometimes […]

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Rest in Peace, Dad

My Dad, Lawrence Leo Damewood, Sr., passed away in his sleep one year ago. He taught me many, many things about taking care of a yard and garden, and how to make do with what you have — things I hope to share with you in many of the posts that follow. Lawrence Leo Damewood, […]

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How to plan a raised-bed garden

“Winter” has left most places in the United States, and it’s time to turn our eyes to gardening. Many people have pre-established gardens that they’ve tended over the years, others have never tried their hand at gardening, and still more have tried, but failed. For each of these types of people, Raised Bed Gardening can […]

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Stuff my dad taught me: How to plant a tomato

My dad has had a large garden for as long as I can remember. He grows carrots, red beets, yellow crook-neck squash, and tomatoes, amongst other plants. He uses a planting technique that would seemingly defy conventional logic. He buys the biggest plants he can find from one of the local greenhouses. Then he pinches […]

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Why should preppers be concerned about gardening?

Preppers, in general, prepare for the unexpected. Whether that’s a disaster, an emergency, or simply un- or under-employment. Planting a garden can help provide food when store-bought food may be scarce. Additionally, a core tenant of prepping is self-sufficiency — gardening is a means to that end. Many people have pre-established gardens that they’ve tended […]

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Dual Composter

Answers to Common Composting Questions

I recently was asked some questions about composting: I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to add pine needles or oak leaves to your compost because they don’t break down quickly. If I chop them up before, can I compost them? Chopping, shredding, or cutting materials that you put in your composter will help them break […]

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Dual Composter

Composters, Grass Balls, and Frogs! Oh My!

I recently was asked the following questions about rotating composters: Hello! I have two of the 80 gallon compost tumblers. These are the best composters ever, and believe you me I have had 4 other composters. These are actually working and one of them is almost ready to use. My question – I have rescued […]