Prairie Burning, (CC) by Woodleywonderworks,

The Prepper Mindset

If you ask a dozen different so-called “preppers” what the first thing you should do to start down the proverbial “prepper’s path”, you’ll probably get at least a dozen different answers. None of which would likely be wrong, per se, but all of them likely pass over the one, singular┬ástep that any person needs to […]

What Isn’t Prepping?

Yes, you read the title correctly… this isn’t what prepping “is”, this is what prepping “isn’t”. But to be fair, I guess we do have to define what “prepping” is and who are “preppers”. “Preppers” are those who “prep”. That’s easy enough. “Prepping” is simply “preparing”. Preparing for what, you ask? The unexpected, of course! […]