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Are Raised Bed Gardens Suitable for Berries?

The most difficult part of gardening, according to some experts, has to do with your soil. “Natural” soil, the kind found around your house, isn’t very natural at all. Before homes are built, contractors usually come in and scrape off all the tops soil — it’s just going to get wrecked when all the heavy machinery comes […]

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Raised Bed Gardening: Fall Tips

Now that the heat of summer is drawing to a close, cooler weather is on its way. Your summer plants have hopefully given you quite a bit of food, and your beds are starting to die back. Before you clean up your beds and throw your garden waste into your composter, you’ll want to harvest […]

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How to plan a raised-bed garden

“Winter” has left most places in the United States, and it’s time to turn our eyes to gardening. Many people have pre-established gardens that they’ve tended over the years, others have never tried their hand at gardening, and still more have tried, but failed. For each of these types of people, Raised Bed Gardening can […]

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