Lifetime Raised Garden Box

Are Raised Bed Gardens Suitable for Berries?

The most difficult part of gardening, according to some experts, has to do with your soil. “Natural” soil, the kind found around your house, isn’t very natural at all. Before homes are built, contractors usually come in and scrape off all the tops soil — it’s just going to get wrecked when all the heavy┬ámachinery┬ácomes […]

raised garden bed

Why should preppers be concerned about gardening?

Preppers, in general, prepare for the unexpected. Whether that’s a disaster, an emergency, or simply un- or under-employment. Planting a garden can help provide food when store-bought food may be scarce. Additionally, a core tenant of prepping is self-sufficiency — gardening is a means to that end. Many people have pre-established gardens that they’ve tended […]

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